Conservation Investment and Development

Black Mountain Associates is seeking to acquire and develop property where new development or adaptive re-use of existing structures can be incorporated into working and natural landscapes.   Our stewardship practices seek to protect water quality and habitat while encouraging agriculture, forestry and the use of open space as an important recreational amenity for those living or working in a beautiful environment. 

Conservation Planning and Brokerage for Conservation-Minded Landowners

Black Mountain Associates can help landowners develop strategies for preserving ecological, recreational, agricultural and scenic resources while providing for reasonable financial returns.  Some especially important properties may be of interest to a Land Trust or Governmental Agency.  In such instances, Black Mountain Associates can help landowners develop strategies to conserve their property that maximizes flexibility and financial benefits.   Black Mountain Associates may also act as a broker and help a landowner identify an appropriate conservation buyer or investor.

Assisting Land Trusts with Conservation Transactions and Stewardship

For Land Trusts trying to get the most out of each precious dollar raised to conserve and steward land, Black Mountain Associates can provide efficient, cost-effective services and ensure that a conservation transaction is a success for both the landowner and the Land Trust.  On the acquisition side, whether a conservation easement or fee land transaction, we can identify appropriate properties, negotiate with landowners, produce state-of-the-art maps, design conservation easements, manage consultants and produce baseline documentation reports and management plans.  Our stewardship services include conservation easement monitoring, fee land monitoring, and building, infrastructure and trail maintenance.  With a wealth of conservation transaction and stewardship experience to draw upon, Black Mountain Associates is positioned to assist land trusts achieve their conservation goals.

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